Marie & Modest aims to show you the versatility of modern-day hemp fabrics. Not only are hemp fabrics made from the strongest natural fiber, they are very comfortable on your skin. In our collection you'll find 100% hemp fabrics as well as blends with organic cotton and even silk. 

Why hemp?

There are numerous benefits to using this often misunderstood plant.Hemp was used in nearly 80% percent of all clothing before its production was banned due to misinformation.Recently, hemp has become increasingly popular, and with good reason.

New in store

We are very proud to present the newest additions to our collection. Our model is wearing Kasper and Luke. 

Kasper feels comfortable like sweatpants, but looks like dress pants. The fabric is 100% hemp, woven in Romania. Available in indigo blue and pitch black.

Luke is our 100% hemp button up shirt with Mandarin collar. It feels great to wear because the fabric is so soft. 100% Belgian hemp, woven in Belgium.